What to Expect as a New Patient

From your first phone call, you will be guided throughout your experience with our office from friendly and professional doctors and staff members. Once the initial patient paperwork detailing family background information and onset of conditions and problems has been completed, you will sit down and talk to our doctors during a consultation. Afterward, you will receive a complete neurological, orthopedic, and chiropractic examination. The combined results of the history, examination, and diagnostic studies aid in developing a specific set of diagnoses. Our doctors will explain your diagnosis and will determine if your condition will respond well to chiropractic care. You can download our initial paperwork here.

The Phases of Care for Treatment at HealthQuest Chiropractic

In terms of treatment, its always best to know what to expect. At HealthQuest of Murray, we focus on the main problem of conditions that relate to pain and loss of function. There are three main phases of care implemented to provide you with the best possible care you can receive.

Phase One

As injuries happen, muscles surrounding joints and vertebrae tighten, protecting and stabilizing the damaged tissue. This causes stiffness and reduced mobility in these areas. In phase one of care, we gently help muscles to relax, allowing the joints and vertebrae to be aligned properly, reducing the rigidity and loss of range of motion.

Phase Two

Once phase one is completed, patients move onto phase two. Phase two focuses on strengthening, stretching, and re-educating the body for proper balance, biomechanics, and functionality. Receiving regular manual adjustments from our doctors during this phase will greatly increase the outcome of active care. Our doctors also educate on proper nutrition, water intake, and at home exercises so you can fully maintain progress made outside our office.

Phase Three

Just as proper maintenance is important for vehicles to possibly avoid future breakdowns, phase three is a maintenance program to continue the body’s function and health. Continued regular visits after your initial treatment plan will allow you to stay on top of, and possibly avoid, future injuries and conditions that may become debilitating.

Request My Appointment

Simply call our office at (801) 281-0555 today to schedule your first chiropractic appointment.

For our online forms, click here to download, print off, and bring to your first appointment.

At HealthQuest Chiropractic, your health is our top priority. We have experienced staff to assist with any questions you may have concerning chiropractic treatment. Call today at (801) 281-0555 to see how chiropractic care can help you or a loved one.


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