Auto Accidents

“I was in a car accident and injured my lower back. I had numbness in my left leg and had almost complete loss of function. I went to see an MD; all he gave me were drugs and told me to wait it out. After a week, my leg was worse, and I grew tired of waiting. So, my mother-in-law referred me to HealthQuest Chiropractic. They did a complete exam with x-rays and told me exactly what was going on. Now I have been treated, I have full use of my leg again, which the MD said probably would never happen. Go see HealthQuest, don’t think-just do it! Be patient, it doesn’t change overnight. But, well worth it in the end.”


“My mom brought me into HealthQuest Chiropractic after we were involved in a car accident. She knew something was wrong because I was normally a very happy child, but ever since the accident, I was very irritable. The doctor found the problem right off, adjusted me, and I was happy again right away. I would recommend that every child that is involved in a car accident at least get checked out by the doctors at HealthQuest. You never know what can happen, even at the minimal speed we were going.”


Chronic Pain

“I love to go on long motorcycle rides, yet I found it getting more difficult as the pain in my right arm and shoulder began to increase. I had tried chiropractic treatment before, yet it was extremely limited. At the other doctor’s office, I didn’t perform any exercises or receive electrical stimulation. The other doctor seemed to treat my symptoms, not my underlying problems. A friend of mine at a dental office told me to come see the doctors here at HealthQuest Chiropractic. The doctor did complete comprehensive examination, took x-rays, and performed muscles tests. I started a program of exercises, cervical traction, electrical stimulation, and spinal adjustments. The doctors at HealthQuest also adjusted my hand and elbows. I improved dramatically, can go on long rides without pain, and stay pain free as long as I am seen for periodic treatments. I encourage anyone who is in pain to visit HealthQuest. The staff are great as they are knowledgeable and helpful.”


“I came to HealthQuest Chiropractic with pain in my shoulder, neck, and ribs. I would also wake up every morning with a headache. A friend of mine referred me to this clinic in hopes that it would be exactly what I needed. When I came, the doctor to x-rays and did a full exam and then explained to me what the source of my problems was. I started treatment, and after a few visits, I noticed a difference. The doctors let me know how my progress is coming and they are very upbeat and caring about my health. The staff is very friendly, and they make it fun to come to my appointments. I tell you chiropractic care works. It may seem a bit slow at first, but you definitely get the results.”


Natural Success from Failed Surgeries

“I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and had surgery on both my wrists. It didn’t work, so I was scheduled for a second surgery. That’s when I came to HealthQuest Chiropractic. They showed me how the nerves can be pinched in the neck, causing the pain in my wrists and hands. After a plan of adjustments and exercise, the pain went away. I didn’t need the second operation. If you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, talk to the chiropractors at HealthQuest before you have any unnecessary surgeries.”


“I was experiencing chronic neck and shoulder pain relating to my sinuses. I tried surgery but it didn’t help. I came to HealthQuest Chiropractic and they put me through adjustments, strength training, and posture correction. My headaches and overall discomfort have diminished greatly. I recommend chiropractic to anyone. The doctors have helped me and everyone I know who has tried it.”


Chiropractic Care and Children

“I was having headaches a couple times a week. Reading and writing were a lot of my problem. My head hurt so bad I couldn’t concentrate on what I was doing. My pediatrician put me on medication that didn’t help. When my grandma told my parents about the chiropractors at HealthQuest, she said they maybe able to help me with my problems. My mom and dad brought me to their office and things are so much better for me now. I haven’t had a single migraine for a very long time and my concentration is great. I even joined the chess team and I am so much happier! Chiropractic has helped me so much and I am just a kid. Parents please bring your kids in and see what a difference it makes in their lives!”

-Ana, 10 years old

“I brought my 4-year old son Justin in because we heard that chiropractic could help with asthma and Type 1 diabetes. We talked to the doctors at HealthQuest Chiropractic and they explained how treatment could help in controlling blood sugar levels and asthma. Just in gets treated once a week and now takes less insulin than he did when he was first diagnosed. He is also taking less asthma medication. Even if you are skeptical, it does not hurt to try. The benefits are great. Especially when you can give your children less medication.”

-C. Murray

“My mommy and daddy were tired of me not sleeping and they were tired of my crying because I had colic and acid reflux. One day, my grandma told my mommy that maybe I needed a chiropractor to help me. Well, my mommy and daddy really liked the idea, and my grandma told the doctors at HealthQuest Chiropractic all about me. The doctor helps me stretch and lets my daddy hold me while she checks for popcorn inside me. Mommy say now that I have been coming here, I am more mellow. I don’t spit up as much. I am also happier because I don’t always cry like I used to. Even grandma says that I am cuter now that I am happier. Thank you for letting my parents bring me here so I can be a happy boy!!

-Carter, 5 months old

Multiple Sclerosis

“I’ve had Multiple Sclerosis for years, so I need a wheelchair. The chair has caused me a lot of mid-back and neck pain. I came to HealthQuest Chiropractic for help. I received electrical stimulation, ball exercises, spinal adjustments, and weekly hour massages All my muscles loosened, the pain decreased, and my mobility increase I’ve had a great time at HealthQuest, and they’ve helped me a lot. I know you can have a similar experience if you try.”


Low Back Pain

“I came to HealthQuest Chiropractic literally crawling on my hands and knees. The pain in my low back was so severe, I couldn’t walk. I tried a medical doctor and Tylenol without success. I looked up HealthQuest and found their wonderful staff. By going through the program of treatment the doctor put me on: Med-X, electric stimulation, massage, and the adjustments, I am feeling like a whole new me. I can stand and walk on my own two feet. I am continuing to come in and be adjusted on a regular basis, and I love to see the friendly faces. If you are living in pain, that’s not living.”


Chronic Headaches and Migraines

“When I was in grade school, I injured my neck in an unfortunate accident. Shortly thereafter, I experienced unexplained headaches. As I grew, my condition became worse and the headaches morphed into migraines that left me bed ridden. As an adult, I would finish off a bottle of Excedrin Migraine in two weeks for temporary relief. I did not want to live in constant pain anymore, and my young children deserved to have a healthy mom. After trying six other chiropractors without success, my husband referred me to HealthQuest Chiropractic. The doctors explained to me the causes of my pain and were able to correct the issues in my neck through exercises, traction, stretches, and nutrition. I am now living life to the fullest without headaches and migraines. I highly recommend anyone who is experiencing pain, or who wants to live naturally, to see the doctors at HealthQuest. They are the best at what they do: giving you your quality of life back, pain free!”

-S. Qureshi